GI Consulting helps build disruptive technology that changes the way the world works and lives.

We’re a global technology services company that helps companies innovate and improve the world works using technology. We help companies run faster, better and efficient. We build products and services. We help bring disruptive ideas to the market from small fast growing companies to larger companies.


We give businesses the right tools and services to grow.

Global Invisions Consulting uses technology to solve business problems for our partners across the world. Companies turn to us to help them develop a new product or service, improve a key component of their business, or expand their reach to new markets. With decades of experience in a variety of industries, our consultants are ready to provide strategy, design, and development tailored to our partners’ specific needs and target markets. Following a product or service launch, our team offers continued support so that your software can consistently release feature updates while being consistently secure and scalable.