GI Aerospace engineers intelligent software and services that move the aerospace industry forward.

The company provides artificial intelligence powered software platforms for private and commercial aerospace industries across the globe.

Revolutionizing airline maintenance with the integration of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

The airline industry processes countless amount of paperwork daily. GI Aerospace builds products that digitalize them and bring together the most critical areas of airline maintenance - Electronic Technical Logs, Maintenance Records, 3D Repair Mapping - into one seamless digital platform, combined with a powerful AI - deriving meaningful relationships from multiple data sources to present you with information that you’d have otherwise not thought of.

Providing aviation technology consulting through a people‑centered approach.

GI Aerospace offers a wide range of consulting services that help maximize the value of investment in it's products - helping airlines work smarter.

A partnership program for global expansion.

GI Aerospace’s partner program actively seeks technology service providers that sell our product licenses and are able to add value through additional services such as deployment, implementation, training and customer support.