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GI boosts presence in India with deal to acquire $9M in real estate


GI Group today announced that it’s Indian arm, Global Invisions Group India is acquiring over 2 million square feet of real estate assets across India in commercial, agricultural and residential properties in a deal worth $9M. The acquisition comes through GI’s real estate investment arm, GI Properties Group. The company’s move comes after its decision to strengthen its foothold in India.

GI follows a very organic growth strategy in terms of its investments, where it acquires stakes in high performing or high growth and sustainable return based assets and uses the organic revenue sources to fund its further growth, investments and diversification. Using this approach, the company has been organically grown over the past 10 years with zero debt on its balance sheet. “With a zero-debt balance sheet and a diverse investment portfolio, we’re laying the foundation for our investments across India and we’re very bullish on India’s future”, says Benna Iqbal, Chairman and CEO of the GI Group. The acquisition will help the company maintain a positive balance sheet as it continues to fund new ventures and businesses across India.

GI is a diversified holding company with investments in businesses spanned across multiple industries. GI invests and manages a portfolio of businesses worldwide across various sectors including technology, infrastructure, real estate, healthcare, and capital-markets. The company has an active presence in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.