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GI acquires UK real estate brand TERNA

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - 15 December 2017

GI today announced that its UK subsidiary has acquired 100% rights to the real estate investment and property management brand rights TERNA. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

TERNA will become part of GI’s investment portfolio and will become new real estate investment and property management arm of the group.

The acquisition is part of GI’s expansion plans across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East and the company has announced that it will attach and consolidate all of its current and planned real estate investment projects worldwide under the TERNA brand.

GI is a diversified group with holdings in companies around the world, spanned across multiple industries. The company invests and manage investments in capital markets, commercial and residential real estate, retail and private equity all around the world. The company also directly manages an operating subsidiaries portfolio that is focused on delivering value across technology consulting, aerospace and infrastructure development.