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GI Group invests in India’s Manufacturing, Retail, Home Services, and Real Estate sector with Ben & Dev and GI Properties India

COCHIN, INDIA - 09 November 2017

GI Group Holdings today announced its investment in two new businesses across India that is operating in manufacturing, home services and retail sector with its new investments Ben & Dev Design and GI Properties India.

Ben & Dev Design International is a global interior design, architecture, bespoke furniture design, and manufacturing company. Ben & Dev Design will be backed by GI Group as part of the new investment decision and will help the company establish manufacturing facilities and retail stores across South India. The new manufacturing facility will help the company export its products worldwide.

GI Group also invested in GI Properties India, a real estate development venture for the group in India and will be involved in the construction of residential and commercial communities across India. The company will launch its first residential development project in late 2018.

The company’s decision comes after its announcement of venturing into Asia markets for the first time in its history, after its biggest announcement to construct Cochin International Financial Center which is the company’s first commercial development project and will also serve as the company’s group operations office in Asia. India is 7th largest economy in the world by GDP and is poised to become a $6 trillion economy by the end of 2027, and is projected to become the third largest economy in the world. “We think India is going to have an immense growth over the next 10 years, and we are bullish on Indian markets. India will play a crucial role in our company’s future – and it’s vision”, says Group CEO Benna Iqbal.

GI is a diversified group with holdings in companies around the world, spanned across multiple industries. The company invests and manage investments in capital markets, commercial and residential real estate, retail and private equity all around the world. The company also directly manages an operating subsidiaries portfolio that is focused on delivering value across technology consulting, aerospace and infrastructure development.